Case Studies

612 PPC has helped many companies and web sites get more traffic, make more money, and improve ad results. We can do the same for you. Read our case studies to learn how we have delivered dramatic and breakthrough PPC results for our clients. If you are looking to improve your paid search results, contact us today!

More PPC Revenue

Recently, 612 PPC took over the PPC Management efforts of an established eCommerce site from its previous agency. Within 2 months 612 PPC had increased their revenue from paid traffic by 82%and reduced their PPC management cost by 80% on an account that had previously been seeing Click-Through-Rates in the 3-5% range and Conversion Rates of 2.5% – 4.8%.

More PPC Conversions

Recently 612 PPC was brought in to take over the PPC Management for an eCommerce site that had seen several months of falling conversions. Within 2 months 612 PPC had reduced their PPC Management costs by 79% and within 7 Months increased their PPC conversions by 63%, increasing the PPC revenue by 68.1% all while keeping PPC Ad Spend flat.

More PPC Leads

A year and a half ago 612 PPC was hired to manage eMarketing and Paid Search for a successful professional services company. Within 90 days the PPC Managers at 612 PPC increased their monthly leads by 700% while at the same time reducing their cost per lead by 77% to levels that they had never seen before.

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