Case Study: 82% More Revenue

PPC Management Agency Take Over Results in Huge Gains and Huge Savings


Recently, 612 PPC took over the PPC Management efforts of an established eCommerce site from its previous agency. Prior to 612 PPC working on the clients AdWords and Bing/Yahoo campaigns, the client had experienced a slow down in sales while their paid search ad spend had risen and their cost per acquisition had jumped up dramatically. Their previous agency, which had done a good job tuning their campaign, had taken their eye off the ball.

Beyond this the agency was charging the client PPC management fees that were, frankly, surprisingly high. The poor results, along with the high fees had given the client the gut feel that things could be better.

Within 2 months 612 PPC had increased their revenue from paid traffic by 82%and reduced their PPC management cost by 80% on an account that had previously been seeing Click-Through-Rates in the 3-5% range and Conversion Rates of 2.5% – 4.8%.

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