Minneapolis Google Remarketing

Minneapolis Google Remarketing

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Minneapolis Google Remarketing ads get visitors back to your site. With remarketing our clients have:
  • Increased conversions by 27%
  • Reduced Avg Cost-Per-Click by 33%
  • Reduced PPC Cost-Per-Acquisition by 39%
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Minneapolis Google Remarketing

When Visitors come to your site and leave without buying or filing out a lead capture form, our Minneapolis Google Remarketing experts get them back to your site.If you are familiar with SEO and PPC and already getting visitors to your website then you have learned that most first-time visitors don’t convert and become customers or leads for your business. Google Remarketing gives you another chance to get these “lost” visitors back to your site and another chance at converting them. AdWords Remarketing puts your banner ads in front of these lost visitors as they surf the web. Clearly they were already interested in what you had to offer or they would not have come to your site in the first place. A visitor that has been to your site before is much more likely to convert to a lead or a sale the second time around.The advantages of getting your banners in front of people who have visited your site but not yet converted are that they are reminded of your website, product or service and they are given the impression that your company is much larger and they see your banners on many of the sites that they visit regularly. If you have ever visited a site and then seen ads from that site on many of the websites you visit regularly then you have already experienced being Remarketed to. Our Minneapolis Google Remarketing managers will help your site seen too.Bottom line: if you see visitors bouncing off your site without converting, it may be worth considering whether or not Remarketing is right for your business. A cost-effective addition to PPC and SEO, Remarketing has the potential to turn many “lost” visitors into customers.
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