Minneapolis Keyword Research

Minneapolis Keyword Research

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Keyword Research is the heart of search and PPC marketing. Our Minneapolis Keyword Research experts will help find the most relevant keyword search terms for your website. Our keyword research answers these questions:
  • What keywords do people search when they want to find your site?
  • What keywords do your competitors target?
  • What keywords do the search engines associate with you products and services?
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Minneapolis Keyword Research

Keyword research is crucial to the success of your PPC marketing. Our Minneapolis Keyword Research experts will find the terms that will get your site in front of people who are searching for your products and services. Targeted, relevant keywords (that actually get searched for) are how you get in front of potential customers and clients.Using your knowledge of your own industry and our knowledge of search marketing and keyword research our Minneapolis keyword research team builds a list of search terms that are both targeted and relevant to your business that are being searched for by your potential clients and customers.Once we build the list we give it to you so you can rate each of the search terms. Along with the keyword list we provide a series of 5 objective questions to keep in mind while you are rating the keyword terms. You will see how many monthly searches each of the terms is getting and how competitive each of the terms is (are there a lot of people advertising on the term or just a few).Once you have rated the list we focus our efforts on the keyword terms you rate highest.These search terms drive the PPC Campaigns, Ad Groups and Ads, along with the Cost-Per-Click bids and daily ad spend budgets.Starting with the right keywords is crucial to the success of your PPC and any other search marketing efforts.
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